As a Michigan wedding venue, one of our favorite things that several of our past clients have done is include a food truck at their wedding. It’s the perfect late-night snack option for guests after partying and dancing all evening! Or you could even opt to have a food truck cater your reception. Whatever you choose, don’t overlook food trucks because they often have some of the best food and can be more affordable. So, in this blog, we are sharing some of our personal favorite Michigan food trucks that you can include at your Michigan wedding. 

Michigan Food Trucks: Savory Options

So I first wanted to share some amazing savory food truck options with you. These are all amazing options that we have been lucky enough to experience or hear of! We have had several of our clients opt to bring in one of these food trucks for a late-night snack for their guests and it has been a hit every single time. 

No Way Tacos

If you’re craving a taste of authentic Mexican street food with a Michigan twist, look no further than the No Way Tacos food truck. This vibrant and lively mobile kitchen brings the flavors of Mexico to Michigan. This food truck is a great option to have as your main caterer for your wedding or as a late-night snack option for guests! 

Patty Matters 

If you’re a burger lover, then Patty Matters is an amazing option to include at your Michigan wedding. They make gourmet mouth-watering burgers that are sooo good. Their unique menu with a wide variety of different burger options is what makes this food truck so unique. You can invite Patty Matters to be your main wedding caterer or ask them to come by for a light night indulgence for your guests.

Big Reds BBQ 

Big Reds BBQ is not just a mobile kitchen; it’s a rolling smokehouse that brings the irresistible aroma of slow-cooked goodness right to your event. Big Red’s BBQ offers a variety of smoked delights, each showcasing the truck’s commitment to quality and flavor. You can enjoy succulent pulled pork sandwiches, savor the fall-off-the-bone ribs, or indulge in the rich and juicy brisket – every item on the menu is absolutely amazing! 

Pronto Pup 

Pronto Pup is a mouth-watering food truck that makes one of the most nostalgic foods- a hot dog on a stick. Although it is super simple, Pronto Pup does it right and this is an epic food truck to bring in for a late-night indulgence for your guests. They also have other items such as french fries, pasta salad, coleslaw, and Italian Pasta.


Lovies is an awesome food truck that serves gourmet hotdogs, delicious butter burgers, sandwiches, homemade sides, soda, and more. Their food is amazing and is a great option for you and your guests to enjoy on your wedding night! 

On the Roll 

On the Roll is a super unique and fun food truck that serves pasta and other items inside their garlic bread rolls. You can get items such as Lobster mac, pulled pork mac, and chicken fettucini inside a garlic roll. This is an epic late-night snack that you and your guests will love! 

Michigan Food Trucks: Sweet Options

Okay now let’s get into some sweeter options if you want to bring in a food truck for dessert. This is a great option if you are wanting a less traditional dessert option that is fun and delicious. 

Ollys Donuts 

Olly’s Donuts is a delicious dessert food truck that serves mini donuts hot and fresh They serve the donuts with with amazing toppings like maple bacon, salted caramel, smores, cookies & cream, and more.  This food truck is amazing and we could not recommend them enough. It’s the perfect small-sized treat for your guests to enjoy!

Crepes by the Lakes 

Crepes by the Lakes is an awesome food truck that serves both sweet and savory crepes. They serve made-to-order crepes using reasonably sourced organic and fresh ingredients. This a great option because you can provide your guests with the option of sweet or savory. 

Bumblebee Ice Cream Cart

If you’re an ice cream lover, then the Bumble Bee Ice Cream Cart is perfect for your wedding day.  I love this for a summer wedding as a great way for your guests to cool off and enjoy a delicious treat. I had a cart at my own wedding in August of 2023, and it was the most adorable cart which made for some great pictures. My daughter especially enjoyed several ice creams through the night 🙂

One way coffee

One Way Coffee is a Michigan food truck that serves delicious coffee and tons of tasty treats. This a great option for a wedding earlier in the day or to bring in the evening of a wedding on a colder night. Guests can warm up with a delicious cup of warm coffee and a pastry. 

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