Your engagement photos are one of the most exciting parts of your wedding journey and make the feeling of being engaged feel so much more real! It’s such a memorable moment during this stage of your life where you get to freeze these special moments in time. While there are countless locations to choose from for this special occasion, opting to take your engagement photos at a wedding venue can elevate the experience in so many ways, especially if it’s the venue you are getting married at. Keep reading to see a West Michigan engagement session at Hilltop Memory Makers and to see why taking your engagement photos at your venue is a great option! 

Taking Your West Michigan Engagement Photos at Hilltop Memory Makers

While Hilltop Memory Makers is a wedding venue, we absolutely love it when we get inquiries about engagement sessions. Most of our weddings are booked on the weekends so we have plenty of availability during the week. And it is even better if you are actually getting married here. Taking your engagement photos at your wedding venue has so many perks so let’s chat about it:

Preview of Your Big Day

Taking engagement photos at your chosen wedding venue provides you with a sneak peek of what your wedding day might look and feel like. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the venue, discover its hidden gems, and envision yourselves exchanging vows in that very space. This preview can help you feel more connected to the venue and increase your excitement for the wedding day.

Coordinated Aesthetic

Coordinating your engagement photos with your wedding venue allows for a cohesive aesthetic in your wedding photos.  Whether it’s the architectural details, beautiful outdoor space, or charming interiors, the venue’s unique features can complement your attire and overall theme, resulting in stunning photographs that tell a cohesive story. 

Personalization and Meaning

Every couple’s love story is unique, and incorporating your chosen wedding venue into your engagement photos adds a personal touch to these moments. Whether it’s revisiting the place where you got engaged, choosing a venue with sentimental significance, or simply falling in love with its charm and character, your photos will reflect a piece of your journey together. 

Gina and Aaron’s West Michigan Engagement Session at Hilltop Memory Makers

Gina and Aaron are some of our amazing clients who are getting married here at Hilltop Memory Makers. They are getting married on Septemeber 7th, 2024, and took their engagement photos here in August of 2023. Gina and Aron are actually from Long Island, New York, but they absolutely fell in love with our venue and knew they needed to get married here. They even flew out to take their engagement photos here and let me just say, the photos turned out SOOOO good. 

It was the perfect summer day here in West Michigan. They explored the property, enjoyed some drinks on a picnic blanket, and spent time getting excited about their wedding day! Taking their engagement photos at their wedding venue allowed them to find their favorite photo locations, see what time of day they liked the lighting, and get an overall feel for the venue. 

Want to Take Your Engagement Photos at Hilltop Memory Makers?

A West Michigan Engagement Session at Hilltop Memory Makers

February 22, 2024

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